Morgan Villnave

The inherent issue with responding to a posted job or internship opportunity is that they generally receive many applicants depending on the number of people that see the advertised position. As a junior, Morgan, chose her own route and sent an unsolicited letter of interest to an overseas organization where she had a desire to work.

Hayley Brown

The recipe for a successful college experience calls for 3 main ingredients: Class, College involvement/extracurricular activities, and internships. First, class provides the basic knowledge for your future career. For example, in my HR role at Carolina Dairy in Biscoe, NC I reference classes that taught the FMLA, ADA and other discrimination laws. Second, college involvement provides the people skills. Whether you are involved in Student Association, Housing and Residence Life, Academic Coaching or another organization, you learn how to listen and talk to people. Read More

Ashley Grant

Entering into the Human Resources minor at┬á┬▄└˛╔š┬áCollege was the best choice I could have┬ámade. It paved the way for the beginning of my career. It opened doors for me to get involved┬áwith a campus club (SHRM), participate in community service, meet incredible professors and┬áfriends, have amazing experiences (HR Student of the Year), and land internships I could only┬áhave dreamed of.┬áNot only did Professor┬áBuszka┬áfocus on teaching us about Human Resources,┬áshe really taught us about what life is like after college. She prepared us by allowing us to┬áparticipate in meetings with HR professionals, past alumni and attending seminars. We also put┬áon events for the campus (mock interviews) to prepare other college students for the real┬áworld.

Samantha Maiarana

2014 Graduate, BS in Business Administration, specializing in Human Resource Management, dual minors in Public Relations & Entrepreneurship

Specializing in ┬▄└˛╔š College's Human Resource Management program was the best decision I could have made for my career. Coming to college,┬áI knew I wanted to major in Business Administration, but I wasn't sure what specialization to choose. After attending one SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) club meeting my freshman year,┬áI knew the field of Human Resources was what I was searching for.┬áHR is┬ácentered on being socially interactive with current or future employees, all while having a basis in employment laws and regulations.

Katharine Meyer

The ┬▄└˛╔š Experience┬áhelped me discover my true self, my true friends, and my true career path.┬áThe business professors are not only instructors, they become part of your family.

Brian Wilder

The HR Management specialization in the Business Administration program at ┬▄└˛╔š College┬áthoroughly prepared me for the rigorous tasks I would face in the HR world. In my current position, I'm┬áable to apply things┬áI learned┬áin my HR classes.┬áMy best experience was meeting all the great people in the program.┬áAs a result, I developed ┬áamazing life-long friendships.