Academic Resources for Faculty and Staff

Academic Calendars

Click on thislink. Here you will find both our interactive calendar which can be downloaded and kept up to date in yourgooglecalendar. You will also find one page printablesemester calendars.


  • Credit Hour Guidelines-this document will assist you as you are creating a new course or updating an existing one. This document will provide you with definitions and expectations for the different types of recognized courses atUniversity.
  • FERPA Guidelines -Basics for Faculty/Instructors
  • FERPA Guidelines - Basics for Staff

Faculty Presentations

Here are our latest presentations given several times a year for new faculty and adjunct faculty. These presentations are very visual and can assist current faculty and adjuncts as they are navigatingWebAdvisoras well as other professional tasks you may be asked to do.

Report Access for Faculty and Staff:

Click to link to our secure webpage with reports for Faculty and Staff.

If you have additional report needs send your request to: