Tradition Keepers

50 Things to do Before You Graduate

Every school has traditions that make it unique. For ┬▄└˛╔šÔÇÖs 50th anniversary in 1997, a list of traditions was created by┬ástudent activities director Christopher Malik┬áto give students a sense of milestones they could achieve while at the university. The Tradition Keeper Program is taking that idea one step further. In 2010, the Student Alumni Ambassadors alongside alumni director Kathryn Hammer '06 created the Tradition Keeper Program as a way to get our fellow students more involved both on campus and in the community.


The Tradition Keeper Program consists of 50 traditions associated with both┬á┬▄└˛╔š┬áUniversity and Western New York. Each student will experience┬á┬▄└˛╔š┬ádifferently, but these 50 traditions are one way we can experience┬á┬▄└˛╔š┬átogether. The Tradition Keeper Program is a way for┬á┬▄└˛╔š┬ástudents to document their memories and be rewarded in the process.┬á

Each time you accomplish a tradition, document your moment on the ! Each photo uploaded to your Tradition Keeper program is a special moment captured in time.

After completing 40 you will receive a medal during graduation week recognizing you as a ┬▄└˛╔š Tradition Keeper.┬á

The more you get involved, the better your chances are of achieving Tradition Keeper status! 

Sincerely, The Student Alumni Ambassadors